Congratulations graduates, I will miss you!

We don’t mess around in flamenco classes at Orange Coast College, the students work hard and this semester was no different.  It’s a challenge to craft, much less take a 16 week flamenco course that must cram in an understanding of rhythm, footwork, marcaje, braceo, palmas, cante, Spanish language, history, communication and a lot more.  Add to that a semester’s end mini presentation to approximately 500 people and you can imagine the intensity.  Somehow we get through it beautifully every time.  Our focus this semester was Siguiriyas and Farruca, not easy units to earn!

Sadly for me, a number of students are moving on to 4 year universities. I hope they have a flamenco dance program near because many have definitely blossomed and thirst for more.  Luckily, flamenco is one of those art forms that is a life-long learning journey.  It truly requires one to dedicate a fair amount of patience, practice and study to whichever aspect interests one the most.

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2 thoughts on “Congratulations graduates, I will miss you!

  1. Hi Arleen,
    I’m one of Rina’s students. I just happened to stumble upon this post using the “tag surfer” feature on my own wordpress site (about flamenco, of course!). What lovely photos of your students. I’ll certainly start following your blog!


    1. Great Marissa! I’m glad you like the photos. I have yet to utilize all of the cool things about wordpress but I will check out tag surfer and your blog.


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