Timo Nunez’ Pasion, Lobero Theater, Santa Barbara, CA

This past Saturday was a show of epic proportions in the California flamenco community. Who would imagine 20 flamenco professionals could come together and put on a 90 minute flamenco show in one week…from scratch. Under the direction of Timo Nunez, this is exactly what happened at the Lobero Theater in Santa Barbara last Saturday.
I thought the show’s title “Pasion” was kind of cheezy and commercial at first. But after spending 7 days and nights with all involved, learning, watching, listening and creating I realized that ‘pasion’ is the very reason this production was possible. Every single person involved on stage and behind the scenes worked countless hours on their particular specialty to make it happen as flawlessly as possible. And, let’s be real for a minute; 10 flamenco personalities trapped in any room for a week can be dangerous. Not this group, everyone worked hard to be positive and professional. It made for a great environment to stay focused, be creative, dissolve hard feelings and make new friends.

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