12-12-12 Days of Dance Gifts

If you’re looking for a last minute gift for your favorite dancer consider these cool little gadgets. I have had some of these items for years and they have saved my body time after time. One of the reasons why I recommend these is that they are easy to carry, just throw them in your purse or dance bag and go.

1. S- Hook- A funky gadget that can be broken down in 2 parts and can temporarily work out all kinds of kinks on your neck and back.
2. Foot Rubz- Like a tennis ball with spikes but smaller. Great for after class foot massage or before class “wake up”.
3. Massage Star XL- This triangle shaped massage tool has 3 different shaped points each designed for different pressure points on the body. Migraine suffers will find this extremely helpful.
4. Fitness band/Thera-band- Great for building back strength, general stretching and much more.
5. “Glidepoint” ball (model 300)- If you are in a hurry and need a quick all over massage or if your arms or legs are very sore, just glide this along your muscles and feel instant relief.

S- Hook Massager
S- Hook Massager
Massage Star XL
Massage Star XL
Foot Ball
Foot Ball
Glide Ball
Glide Ball

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