10 Artists I Can’t Stop Listening to in September

Most of the artists can be found on iTunes. These albums/songs are not all new recordings but they are ones that I keep going back to again and again for inspiration.

1. El Sendero de Lo Imposible by Santiago Lara.  From Jerez, guitarist Lara is also the husband of beautiful dancer/choreographer/instructor Mercedez Ruiz.
2. Jaleo by Louis Winsberg.  A percussionist friend of mine suggested I purchase this album.  It’s all I’ve listened to in my car for the last 4 weeks.
3.  Fever Ray remix, “I’m not Done” by R/D.  Listen to it here.
4. Vision by Benjamin Woods, song ” Tribal Mak”.    This is a new release.
5. Bahar by Kardes Turkuler, song  “Anako/Isler Nanay- Gel Bize Keriz Edelim”.    Turkish 9/8, trip out on this!
6. Musique Tzigane De I’Europe De L’est  (Gyspsy music from Eastern Europe) by Djelem.  The Canadian based group plays traditional songs from Romania, Hungary, Ukraine and Russia.
7. No Hay Quinto Malo by Nina Pastori.  I have loved this for years and always come back to it.
8. Paseo de Gracia by Vicente Amigo,  song “Y Sera Verdad”.   This song features Spanish songwriter/vocalist Alejandro Sanz.  Listen here.
9. Sinar Calo Sinela Un Pochibo by Chiqui (de Jerez).  I bought this disk about 15 years ago in Sevilla, it will always be one of my favorites. Very raw, love it.
10. Songwriter/Vocalist/Choreographer/Instructor, Roberto Amaral, song “Con Mucho Fuego”.  One of the reasons I can’t stop listening to this song is because I’ve been rehearsing to it for the last 6 weeks for an upcoming performance in Hollywood. Amaral’s “Fuego Flamenco” group will be performing  at the John Anson Ford Amphitheatre this Saturday, Sept. 17, 2011.

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