90 Days of Summer is Not Enough!

Another summer flew by but this time I took advantage of my days and my beautiful state of California.    I made sure to visit places that I have always been curious about but never took time off to explore. Staying close to home allowed me to experience some new cool places and revisit some favorite stops with family and friends. What could be better than that!

Gnarled Roots
The beauty of ancient roots

Prior to a show with Flametal at La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley I was lucky enough to visit a couple of my old haunts. First was Vik’s, a fabulous Indian cafeteria style restaurant.  If you ever pass through I highly recommend this place, the menu changes often and just order anything, it will be delicious. Those interested in sewing, particularly lace making, embroidery and needlepoint will likely start drooling once you step inside Lacis, a store dedicated to all things lacy.  Attached to the store is a mini museum of lace and textiles. While I was there the museum guide asked if I would like a semi-private tour! Unfortunately,  I had to run back to La Pena for rehearsal and on the way I had to get some much needed fuel and stopped at Berkeley Bowl.  An experience just walking the aisles, one can find a vast array of organic and natural products and well as fruits, veggies and prepared meals.  All I wanted was a juice.  Every time I have gone in here it’s packed with very natural, nature loving people. Water is natural, it is okay to immerse yourself in it sometimes natural people of Berkeley!

La Pena Cultural Center
Outside of La Pena Cultural Center in Berkeley, CA

Just a couple of weeks ago I was alerted to the fact that master flamenco instructor Jose Galvan would be in San Diego to teach a workshop.  I was so there.  This older gentleman built more or less like a garden gnome wracked my brain, tested my muscle memory, strength and kicked my ass for 4 glorious days.

Jose Galvan
Cursillo con Jose Galvan en San Diego, CA

After traveling around a bit I discovered how easy it is to access many of the unique places that California has to offer.  Sometimes we just have to get up and step away from the computer to realize it!

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