Summer Flamenco Reading

If you really cannot get enough of the art form through classes, local shows and Youtube, try some of these light reads . Here are a few titles that have a flamenco theme.

The Flamenco Academy: A Novel, by Sara Bird

Peel My Love Like an Onion, by Ana Castillo

The Dance, by Dave Bricker

Midwinter Turns to Spring, by Maria Veloso

A Song Between Lives, by Lisa Powers

Duende, A Journey into the Heart of Flamenco, by Jason Webster

There are actually quite a few books about flamenco that are available online.  Here are a few more suggestions that are non- fiction.

Song of the Outcasts: An introduction to Flamenco, by Robin Totton

The Art of Flamenco, by Donn Pohren

Flamenco: Gypsy Dance and Music from Andalusia, by Claude Schreiner

Flamenco!, by Kenn Haas & Gwynne Edwards

The Gachi: My Gypsy Flamenco Quest, by Susan Salguero

Gypsy Cante: Deep Song of the Caves, by Will Kirkland

Tell me what you think!

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